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Bee wax

The three most important agents in the beehives are:
- The queen
- The wax
- The fields and the weather

The wax performs vital importance. Since he product inside the beehive where the bees are more in contact, any impurity is detected to the being to the moment by the own bees.

The wax is the principal sponge where there are stored all the impurities that the bee-keeper is depositing with the different treatments for the diseases of the beehives. For it, in our Company we come treating our waxes, purifying, sterilizying and managing to eliminate a percentage very raised of pollutants, helping to that our bees accept better the waxes and this way eliminating the risks of future diseases.

We warranty the purity of our bee wax, pollutants free, by controlling its purity parameters under the control of the bests laboratories in Spain.